Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Snow Dropping

Last week it looked so like spring but this week it is snowing; but it is heavy wet snow and dropping not flaking. I didn't take the good camera out with me in the wet weather so apologize as the pictures are not quite up to my standard.
The star of the show last week was looking much the worse for wear after a day and a half of the soggy stuff.

The snowdrops were drooping under the wet snow, but will certainly rebound once it is finished.

Snow drops that fall on my nose and eyelashes? What about on hare, actually a rabbit.

Berries and "hips" with a coat of snow:

I thought these looked almost abstract:

.. and down on the beach this shell nestled in the snow near the tide line.


And now for something quite different. It is a watercolour painting on Aquabord (a board with a clay surface that accepts watercolours. I have never used this before, an advantage is that it can be fixed and varnished so that it does not have to go under glass.

Sometimes I see something that just begs to be painted, the following scene is one such. The shells were caught in a battered piece of driftwood that was washed up by a storm and lit up by the bright late afternoon sunshine. It is a watercolour that I call "Catch of the Day":

That's my Whimsy for this week, thanks for dropping by,




  1. Excellent. I love the detail in the wood.

  2. that sweet bunny stole the show. :)

  3. Brilliant piece of artwork, in fact, it is always delighted to come on Wednesday Gillian.

  4. Gillian, that painting is gorgeous! Love all the details in it, beautifully done!!! Love the rabbit shot!

  5. Sweet little rabbit. Gillian, you are a most gifted artist! Great detail and shadows in your work.

  6. Wintry photos capturing some wonderful scenes ~ and your painting is exquisite! So talented :)

  7. Beautiful shots. The rabbit is adorable.

  8. Great shots!! We don't get snow that often so it is fun to take those pictures.

  9. The shadows and texture in your painting are wonderful. What an interesting surface on which to paint. Your work is always so beautiful. The purple shell and the wee bunny sure are eye-catchers, as well.