Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A little bit of this and that

Wednesday? Well a day early, because I made a scheduling error, oops.

Today I have a an assortment of pictures, some from the park and some from gardens in my neighborhood.

First here is a Great Blue Heron fishing. I watched it for a while and I think it caught a couple of small fish, I was not quick enough to "capture" that with my camera. They are amazing to watch, still for so long and then a blur of movement, so quick if you look away for a moment you will miss it.

"Blue skies smile at me, nothing but blue skies do I see."
Irving Berlin
It is so green and lush in the woods, I think some of the pathways may vanish under the vegetation. 
But there are also lots of berries, these early salmonberries, and lots of flowers on the blackberries promise a good crop of berries mid summer.

The Strawberries are ready early this year too, a favorite around our house.
This little fella was "just hopping down the bunny trail" and stopped briefly to see if I had a treat for him.


Another bunny, and there are lots of baby rabbits too.
These Redwing Blackbirds seemed to appreciate the handouts.

Reminds me of this tune: "Feed the Birds"
The park is full of wild roses and daisies.

Anyone remember making daisy chains as a kid?

This beautiful Dogwood, Dogwood is the Floral Emblem of British Columbia.
I haven't seen many white Foxglove flowers, I share this one with you.
Honeysuckle, also early to bloom this year.
This is a picture of one of my Honeysuckle plants, a favorite of the hummingbirds.
I have an Art Show at Image West, and have been busy framing, labelling and hanging pictures.
I have started a few things this week but only finished one, and it is another food painting titled "Squashed":
Here is how it looks framed:
 It is the latest of my Food cards, which include a recipe card using the pictured ingredient. What is the recipe for this card, take a look:
or all the food cards at: http://www.pswhimsy.com/food.html
Here are some other cards I have recently added to the site:

To see all recent additions and names and details follow this link:
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