Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Life's a ...........

Well this time of year life is at the beach, and it is wonderful! Vancouver is blessed with beautiful beaches, here is just a small sampling.

First Jericho Beach with Downtown Vancouver in the background:

...and the tide is going out...
Jericho beach again with downtown and the North Shore in the background:

Same again but with a sampling of boats:

Moving west, here are some views of the shore and beach from the Jericho Sailing Centre:
...a paddle boarding class....

... a sail lesson....

....and windsurfing.....

This is Locarno Beach looking east towards the Jericho Sailing Centre and downtown:

Even further west this is Spanish Banks at low tide with freighters at anchor in the bay.
I love the beach at low tide, walking barefoot in the sand,
the wet sand squishing between my toes,

These kids are learning to wake board I think.

Spanish Banks looking across at Lighthouse Park and Point Atkinson (last blogs painting).

The child and the dog have the right idea, I think the adult is checking his phone!

Spanish Banks looking west, lots of sand to tromp over.
It is early in the day, and a week day, so there are only a few enjoying the sand.
On the weekend it is quite crowded.
This is the western end of Spanish banks looking back towards Downtown Vancouver and the North Shore mountains:
Look at all that wonderful wet sand!

And when the tide comes in over the sand, the water is warmed for kids and adults alike to play in.

...and it is wonderful.
I hope you are all enjoying your summer!
I don't spend as much time painting this time of year because it is so nice to be outside, but I have done these two paintings.
They are more food paintings to replace two that I had done but wasn't happy with.
The first I call "Apple Green":
The second is called "Berry Time":
The Series 2 Food Cards (12 in all) are now complete and can be seen at:
Well that is all for today,
thanks for dropping by,
Happy Whimsy Wednesday,