Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Meet Cinder or is that Cinderella?

I noticed this little fellow last week after I started putting some mealworms out on the back ledge. He (or she) was the first to find this new treat and has been coming daily since. He/she is a Song Sparrow.

Here he is taking a bow.

Why don't I let him tell his story?

Sometimes I check the back deck for bread crumbs, so last week there was this new dish. So I moseyed over.

I found a new and very tasty snack. The house lady calls them meal worms, I call them delicious.

So ever since I have been here every morning to check for more.

Well excuse me for a minute, I have some serious snacking to do.


Sorry, now where was I. 
Oh, this is really a great addition to the menu.

Sometimes I make a bit of a mess but I clean it up.

These are really good for me too, high in protein and with the seeds and suet make a well balanced diet.
I think the house lady has been checking the "Bird Food Guide".

Well, pardon me for talking with my mouth full, but it's hard to eat just one or two.

I just eat and eat until they are all gone.
Oh. I do share them too, occasionally.

Hey, this dish is empty, could you fill it up before tomorrow?

None over here either.

See you tomorrow, I've got places to go. Thank you ...............


Sing, Little Birdie!
By Watie W. Swanzy

Sing, little birdie, sing
on topmost branches high!
and when thou spreadst thy airy wing,
let not the sweet notes die,

But longer, louder be,
until the echoes ring
that hide away where none may see,
but only hear them sing.

Methinks that I could stay
forever with thee here,
and list thy strain the livelong day,
forgetting sorrows tear.
Here is an amazing Youtube video that my friend Judy brought to my attention;
it is of a green heron fishing with a tool: 

......... and a second video, I don't know if this is the same bird .........


I have been busy in the studio too. Here are two paintings that I have finished recently, both are watercolours:

"Old An'necy"
"She's in her Garden"

These will replace two of the paintings that have sold at my art exhibit at Pane E Formaggio.  For more information on these two paintings please follow this link: GillianOlsonArt

Thank you so much for stopping by, Happy Whimsy Wednesday, until next week ...................