Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Back at last

First a preview of what I have been up to in the studio:


More on these to come but first news and a few photos.

Well I have recently had surgery on both my eyes and the difference is dramatic. I thought I was just having trouble with seeing close up, but now that I have had surgery everything has crisp edges again and I can see to read and paint. Hooray!

What was the problem???

Well when I had cataract surgery just over 2 years ago I didn't expect the cataracts to come back, and that is essentially what happened.

This is my distinctly non-medical explanation: some cataract tissue remained in the eye when the new lens was implanted and over time it grew to obscure the back of the artificial lens. The problem is corrected by a laser which "drills" about 100 little holes in the tissue clouding the lens and voila I see almost 20:20 again. Almost instantly.

It is an outpatient procedure and I was fine to take the bus home, I spent the entire trip reading the back of the bus ticket (tiny print) and all the signs along the way. What joy!

Here are a few pictures that I took recently of some fall sites or is that sights?

A perfect fall day at the beach and in the park.

Time for a look around...
Grooming time at the pond...
Time for a bath...

Who you looking at?

Mirror, mirror.... now that's better

This little fellow was so cute... 

and stopped to have a good look at me... 

maybe, just maybe ...

no I don't think so ..........
then realizing that I had no food to offer and was off
I have been fairly busy with a couple of projects recently:

First a new website just for my art at 

Second an Esty site to sell digital downloads of some of my work at

Check them out and let me know what you think.
So I gave you a preview of two paintings and without further ado here they are:
First a poured watercolour of a Venetian mask called "Carnival 2"; this one is sold, thanks J
Second a watercolour painting of a statue seen in Italy last summer, I call him "The Professor":

You can see more details on my new art website (link above).
Well it is nice to be back, that is all for today, thanks for dropping by and happy Whimsy Wednesday.