Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Melt

Last week's snow ended with a power outage here, sure makes one appreciate the light and heat that we usually take for granted.

So days of grey skies gave way to sunshine and all that is left is the melt.

A thin coating of snow is still on the trees, nestled in the rushes and on the bridge over the pond.


Still a few traces of snowmen.

There is still a coating of sludgy snow on the pond but the blue of the  sky is still evident in the reflections. 

The ducks have "cleared" pathways through the water.


There is a fresh coating of snow on the local mountains too, but after all that is where the snow should be.

Since I took these pictures it has snowed again, and again, and almost vanished. Usually the snow has fallen on the weekends minimizing traffic woes.
Pretty while it lasts as long as it does not stay too long. We are more used to rain than snow here, and that does not need shovelling!
Here is one new painting, it is finished or almost finished. I have not decided what to call it yet but it is a watercolour on paper. This was inspired by a photograph that a friend Robert took. Here is his website:
Untitled watercolour
Thank you for stopping by, I am always interested in your thoughts, happy Wednesday.
I will likely be absent for a week or two because I am scheduled to have surgery next week. I will be back as soon as I am able,



  1. Lovely images, Gillian! The scene with the bridge is lovely and the mountains are a gorgeous sight.. Have a happy day!

  2. Love the watercolor. Coming up with a name or in case of my writing, a title, is always difficult. The mountains look beautiful with their coat of snow. I'm a little tired of the white stuff. We've had way too much. Been away for a while, but hope I'm back from blogger burnout.

  3. I really enjoyed the first photograph.

  4. what a beautiful painting.

    we had pelting ice and thunder snow in texas this weekend, too. i kept saying my thank yous for electrical service, heat, firewood, etc. :)

  5. I love all that you do, your photos and your painting, especially the painting, thanks Gillian.

  6. Beautiful painting, Gillian! Love your photos and wish you a speedy recovery from the surgery.

  7. Here we call it the "dump" over a foot in the last 2 days...and still coming along nicely.



  8. Lovely to see the snow in the sunshine! Fortunately we didn't lose power over here on the island, but we certainly had a few days of accumulation of snow and now ... rain...rain...rain. Love your painting!

  9. Light snow and sunshine make a lovely combination. I say that even though I am getting rather tired of winter.

    I hope your surgery goes well!

  10. beautiful winter scenes....good luck with your surgery!!

  11. The winter shots are gorgeous but I'm sorry about the power outage. I also like the watercolor. I'll be sending out good thought for you and hope your recovery is swift.

  12. Lovely as always.. the photos and the art. Sending healing thoughts your way for a quick recovery from surgery. Hugs to you.