Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Colours Chez Moi

From the glass globe in my planter

to the red purple of my clematis
and the bright yellow of sunflowers on my table
summer is all about colour, bright colours, subtle colours and
dreamy colours!
The Liatrus is always having a bad hair day, makes me smile.

Beautiful shy blues

bold bright purples and reds

and a bit of everything in my colourful garden ornament, with its rusty patina of age. 

Impossibly delicate

or bold 

the bees and butterflies are loving them all.

Good old summertime!
I have been thinking of flowers all week and painted an early summer favorite of mine. It is of course a lupin and a watercolour:
My photo has turned out a bit bluer than the image, I'll have to take another picture in the daylight.
Now speaking of water, I have to get the garden watered before it gets too dark, hope you are all enjoying your summer. Happy Wednesday, until next time,