Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I'm back?

I know I have been absent from blog land for a long time and I thought it was time to say hello again.

My medical problem is not solved but it is stable for now. I am waiting for surgery - I don't have a date yet.

What did I do with my summer? First I had a great vacation in Italy and then returned home to rest and enjoy the summer.

I did almost no painting until the last month, but now I have something to show I thought I'd get a post together.

Earlier in the summer one morning I looked out to see a Goldfinch on my feeder, later in the day they were two.

The next day the family arrived, a bit unclear on how to hang on to and get food from the feeder, leading to some cute photo ops. 

There was some swaying, some pushing and shoving as they vied for the best spots on the feeder; reminded me a bit of dinner when I was growing up where we kids always seemed to thwart our parents' efforts at a quiet orderly meal.

What are you up to?

Yeah, I'm talking to you!

He's pushing me.

Oops, Dad's watching.

Now, just settle down!

Ah, order at last!

Little angels?

The Goldfinch family did share the feeder from time to time, but they were daily and welcome guests.

So I was inspired to paint the little family. It's a watercolour, called "Goldfinch Lunchtime":
For more details on this painting at GillianOlsonArt.blogspot.com
I will try to post a bit more regularly. Yours, a bit weakly, but with whimsy, Gillian.