Wednesday, 4 June 2014


The fields in the park are full of flowers this time of year. Daisies, buttercups, wild roses, lupins and many more. Perfume fills the air, I am thankful that I don't have pollen allergies because the air is laden at this time of year.


horse chestnut


wild rose (deep pink, pink and white)

irises growing at the edge of the pond

roses, lupins and buttercups in the meadow behind the pond 





No birds this week so far, I thought you would enjoy this video, "Starlings of Otmoor":



Something completely different this week in the painting department. It is a watercolour (14" X 20") of an old truck that I saw on Gabriola Island, I call it "Out to Pasture":

I am not completely sure it is finished, I might add some sheep in the pasture in the distance, or then again maybe not.

Thanks for stopping by, happy Whimsy Wednesday, until next time,