Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Something new for me, in fact two firsts. My current painting is the biggest I have every done (18" X 24") and it is a triptych, so there are three parts.

Triptych literally means three fold; three panels that were attached together and could be folded shut, often the centre panel was larger than the other two, the three paintings sharing a common theme. I think it was first used in early Christian art for alter paintings.

My painting(s) are equal sizes and will not hinge.

This is the centre of the three paintings; it is a painting of a statue seen and photographed in northern Italy a few years ago. It is not finished yet because I can't do the background colour matching and finish the ivy until I have all three paintings almost done. I have more work to do, I hope to show you more next week.

I intend to varnish the paintings so that they do not need to be framed under glass.
For these paintings I have stretched watercolour paper over canvas stretcher bars, each painting uses a full sheet of watercolour paper (22" X 30"); I watched several YouTube videos before I made my first attempt. The end product will be lightweight and I hope vibrant.

My camera lens found some beautiful flowers this week. First is an image of only one corner of my clematis, which is really putting on a show this year: beautiful and fragrant too.

There is a honeysuckle blooming at the same time popping up between the clematis blooms.

Next to some pink beauties, first lupines and then poppies.
There are lots of purple lupines in my neighbourhood but few pink ones.

I think this is only the second time I have seen pink poppies, and this time I had my camera with me too! Such delicate petals, slightly crushed by recent windy days, they almost look as if crafted from crepe paper. I took quite a few pictures, here is just a small selection:

Maybe a subject for another triptych?
And a splendid pair of tulips to end with:

Here are videos I found for your enjoyment, both are David Attenborough focused:

 Well that is it for this week, happy Wednesday, with whimsy,
I appreciate your feedback!