Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Tropical Weather?

We have been having some tropical type weather recently, but I am not referring to hot balmy weather exactly, more the torrential rain type. This time of year we often get what is referred to here as the "pineapple express", a wet weather system that comes from Hawaii bring a lot of heavy rain. Usually lasts for a day or two and it is wet! Forget trying to stay dry with boots, raincoat and umbrella--not a chance.

It was just such a day that I choose to make my annual visit to the Bloedel Conservatory.

The light was poor and it was a bit chilly inside for the birds, so if you see the red glow of lights that is from the heat lamps.

Here is an assortment of the small birds that I was able to photograph:

African Superb Starling, and it is a beauty!

Budgerigars chatting

... and bottoms up!

Canary, I think 

Cordon Bleu Finch, gorgeous bird

Gold-breasted Waxbill

Gouldian Finches

... how many Gouldian Finches fit in a feeder at one time.. apparently quite a few

this may be a canary too, but I am not sure

this little bird has found a feather on the ground (from the Cockatoo I think), quite a prize, he flies off to hide it

Orange cheeked Waxbills share with Gouldian Finches

orange checked wax bill

Owl Finch, so cute

Red Billed Fire Finch

Red Ear-striped Waxbill

Red throated Parrot Finch

Red Winged Laughing Thrush

Saffron Finch

Star Finch Trio

and these last two I am not sure...


Which is your favorite? For me it is a tie between the Cordon Bleu Finch and the Owl Finch.
If you live in Vancouver (BC) and have not been to the Bloedel Conservatory lately it is worth a visit.

Apparently we have another "weather bomb" (in the form of heavy rain) coming, I think I'll stay indoors this time. At least we don't have to shovel it!

I am still busy on non art projects but should have some paintings to share next week,
Thanks for stopping by,
happy Whimsy Wednesday,
Until next week,