Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Here are some newcomers that I spotted near the pond a couple of weeks ago. I can't remember ever seeing these geese locally before. There were other people watching these geese too, because I had a camera they must have thought I was an expert and asked if they were young Snow Geese. I didn't think so but said I was going to consult my bird book when I got home.

The closest match in my Field Guide to North American Birds was a white fronted Goose, but I thought they looked like birds I had seen before in England. After trolling the Internet I think they are Greylag Geese.

Here is a picture from Wikipedia:

Here is a link to what Wiki has to say about them:

Apparently in North America there are both domestic and feral population of these geese.

They were a change from the usual Canada Geese that frequent the park but seem to have very similar feeding habits. 

This one was looking at me curiously, or maybe it is just the lookout.


There were only four in the group.

I only saw them once, unfortunately here they are rushing away here because they spotted an approaching dog.

I hope they come back again.
There were other new arrivals this week at the pond, a brood of goslings.

The parent were keeping a close eye so I didn't get too close. There were six little ones.


So cute.

I hope you have enjoyed my newcomers.
And as Monty Python would say "now for something completely different":
Here is a video of an ingenious and quick way to peel apples. Thanks to Linda for bringing it to my attention. It looks a bit dangerous though I might just stick to the usual way.
My painting this week is called "Jericho Park", the same place I saw both sets of newcomers. It is a watercolour and is 9" X 12":
That's all for this week, thanks for dropping by, happy Whimsy Wednesday!