Wednesday, 21 January 2015

On Thin Ice

A couple of weeks ago we had some cold clear weather and a thin layer of ice formed on the local pond.

Signs were posted to prevent people from walking on the ice and the ducks adjusted to the new layer. Or did they?

They skidded in for a landing and walked slowly and carefully across the ice.

But open water ..

was just better.

then quite suddenly, the ducks started rushing at the edge of the ice,

and like a living ice breaking team pushed their way across the ice and more and more ducks joined in ... 

until one whole side of the pond was clear

as they continued to swim around the water cleared

and back were the blue waters and beautiful reflections.

our job is done here
...way better...

yes, way better!

Hope winter is being good to you and you are getting some blue skies and not too much ice and snow.
I am still busy on non art projects and have not been spending enough time painting, I hope to get back to it soon.
Thanks for stopping by,
happy Whimsy Wednesday,
Until next week,