Wednesday, 28 May 2014

More Blues

The herons are still on and near the nest at Jericho Park.

Here is another series of pictures of the beautiful birds.

blue beauty


choosing a home



getting attention

great "do"


a little "soft shoe"

 and a shuffle


OK, pay attention, time for nest building 101

ahem, the action is this way

good, now this is how it's done
this looks like a "you're not serious" expression to me

time for a break  
maybe for you,

I've got first shift on the nest


ah, nothing like some peace and quiet
a bit of fishing
and solitary contemplation

I got a bit carried away with pictures this week, but this is only a smallish sampling of the ones I took.
Here is a beautiful time lapse of a rose blooming:

My painting this week follows the same theme as the post, a 20" X `14" watercolour painting of a Great Blue Heron called "Big Blue":
Thanks for stopping by, happy Whimsy Wednesday, until next time,