Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Gold Rush

A few days ago when I returned home there was quite a chorus of birdsong coming from next door. Not a song and a reply, but a great confusion of song, dozens of birds singing at once.

I watched and listened for some time but still wasn't sure what kind of birds they were.

I went inside for a while and then noticed quite a number of birds fly onto my feeders. A different crowd than I normally see ... and then more and more. So I got the camera.

Pine Siskins! Baby Pine Siskins at that, at least two dozen of them; on the feeders and the ground under the feeders, on the fence and in the trees. At first I thought they were Goldfinches but early readers set me straight.

This chickadee was in the minority for once.

They foraged in the grass under the feeders.

Some of them seemed a little confused, standing on top and hanging underneath the feeder.

This sparrow does not look pleased with all the unexpected company.

Such a cutie, and looking a bit younger than some of the others.

This little one curled up on the feeder and

Nodded right off ..........

Sorry here's a second picture ...

So much activity around the feeders, obviously more than one brood.

They have been around for a few days now and are growing quickly. I only saw the adults once at the very beginning, maybe they have gone off by themselves for a rest.

I have been trying to keep the feeders stocked.

That's my birdie offering for this week.

I did get some painting done though, another seashore painting called "Beach Buddies".

A watercolour of course, for more information follow this link:

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Thank you so much for stopping by, and a special thank you to all those who leave comments for me, I really appreciate hearing from you.

 Happy Whimsy Wednesday, until next time ..............