Wednesday, 20 February 2013

It's open

The park at Jericho Beach has been behind construction fences for many months, but it finally opened just a few days ago. The bunny above seems to be inspecting the new area.

For months this has been the view:

The park was closed while the old pier was removed then opened temporarily only to be closed again after a storm washed out the new beach.

Here are some views of the newly opened area of the park:

The established trees have been surrounded by native plantings and the beach has been restored.

These "perches" have been installed for the birds to view the park and the beach.
I saw an eagle in one of the trees too but I did not have my camera with me.

The wood sculpture looks good in its new surroundings. This is a sculpture dating from the Habitat Forum on this site in 1976:

Some of the blackberry bushes, which the rabbits retreat to for safety, have been removed but the rabbits still seem to be thriving.

and on the beach life goes on.

At the pond a short walk away, the redwing blackbirds are back and staking out their territories.

The ducks seem to be enjoying the milder weather and a bit of sunshine.

It was bath time as I walked past

even the crows were getting in on the act.

  Signs of fall and winter still dominate

But the geese and ducks are pairing up 

 and there are buds on many trees

the snowdrops are up too and crocuses not far behind

and with the viburnum flowers adding their delicate scent  

can spring be far away?

I am finally finishing a project that was started a long time ago too. I have finally framed a series of paintings featuring teddies (stuffed animals) and tigers (also stuffed).

Here are the first two in the series, first "Something in the Air":

A watercolour of teddies and tiger, imagine that the small stuffed toy in the centre has just farted and the other stuffed animals are reacting.

The second is "The Games' Afoot":

Here Sherlock Holmes and Watson (in the waistcoat at the back) are investigating ...............

All these paintings are watercolours,

the other two in this series next week ............

Thank you for dropping by, happy whimsy Wednesday, until next week ....................................