Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Who's Watching Who

Well I am back.

Bird watching is a curious phrase, I often feel like the watched rather than the watcher as in these pictures:

Asleep?  I don't think so...

Watching while having a eye out all the time.

This eagle was surveying its surroundings, taking in me and everyone else passing by.

 The Redwing blackbirds have been back for a while and are staking out their territory around the pond.


A Rufus sided Towhee taking a rest from foraging in the undergrowth.

A Robin catching the early worm still has a bit of time to keep and eye on me.

..and this Chickadee stopped to watch me pass.

The Crows are always alert.

It is two weeks since my surgery and I am feeling much better, still sleeping a lot but able to get out and walk now. The fresh air is wonderful and I even took my camera with me yesterday and came home with these shots.
I have started splashing a bit of paint around in the last couple of days but have nothing to show yet.
Spring seems to have snuck up on me this year, I think it came while I was napping. I am looking forward to improving my fitness, flexing my artistic muscles and enjoying the new season.
Until next time, happy Wednesday, thanks for stopping by.........