Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Whimsy's week off?

You might be wondering what happened to Whimsy Wednesday last week?

Well I am sorry to say that I was not sitting with my feet up at a spa.

I had my feet up alright, but I was on strict bed rest in hospital. Aren't medical surprises wonderful? Not!

Nothing terribly serious but it will take most of my attention and as a result I am not going to be able to post regularly for the next while. I hope to be able to get around to visiting your blogs from time to time.

I had already taken these pictures and want to share them with you; here is a series of pictures of my favorite Jay (Stellars Jay) after I put some pumpkin seed bread out for him rather than peanuts, I thought his expressions were priceless, see what you think...

What is that?


Come on ..........
I don't eat bread ....

..want peanuts,


peanuts, pea....nuts
I don't believe it!

Maybe the bread will disappear.

I don't do bread! it?
Change of tactics..

OK, please

pretty please

pleading look
well I never...

...kiss my ... oh wait a minute ....
are those peanuts?
They are!

Oh finally, I love peanuts!
Thank you!
Here is a picture that I have finished recently, I apologize if you have seen it before....
It is another of my teddies and tigers series, a watercolour, called "Towering Teddies".
Thank you for dropping by, Happy Whimsy Wednesday,  
I will probably "see you in September", until then I wish you all the best of health.