Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Lost Whimsy?

Whimsy on a Wednesday?

I have spent the last few months feeling a bit lost. Lost in space, cyberspace that is.

In the fall our old, and usually reliable computer, died or so it seemed. Were the files gone with it? What about all my pictures?

A new computer promised improved speed and storage and the technician promise all our files were safe and had been transferred. Well, not so much.

First time I turned it on, the mail program didn't work, all our saved mail was not there and the screen looked very different. No start button?

Hey Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

Nothing is the same!

We had gone from a 32 bit operating system to a 64 bit one. None of my old reliable and efficient photo storage and editing tools worked anymore.

..and I admit I just gave up for quite a while.

So I have "found" my pictures, got new editing software and am gradually getting used to it. Maybe I might just get this blog off the ground again.




Well at last!

I have some paintings to share and some art news.

First here is are a couple of new paintings:

Coming and Going, watercolour, 14" X 20"
"Alight", watercolour, 20" X 14"

My art news: 

Two of my paintings have been accept in a juried exhibit titled "Works on Paper" at the Federation (of Canadian Artists) Gallery on Granville Island in Vancouver.

"Aurora", watercolour 14" X 20"
"Echoes", watercolour 20" X 14"

The show is on February 11 to 23, 2014; here is the link to the online gallery.  I am thrilled to report that "Aurora" was given an "Award of Excellence".

I am happy to say that I have a surgery date soon which should resolve the medical issue that has been hanging over my head for some time now.

Happy Wednesday, until next time, with whimsy,