Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Canada Day

Well it is Canada Day, and what a lovely day it was. I went out with my camera and was pleased to see even the youngsters getting in on the celebration. A beautiful day for the beach and for a picnic.

A beautiful day for a relaxing swing, this one under the willow trees at the park.
Lots of flowers now in gardens and in the park and the bees are loving them
I love fresh flowers on the table, and these are the "summer" to me.

I hope you had a great day!

 Here are a few updates.

First an update on the littlest gosling story. Below is a picture of the little one, not so small now and obviously doing very well. I saw it yesterday with the parents and the rest of the brood, the other siblings now almost fully grown. Today it was with two adults, maybe the parents maybe babysitters, but watching the youngster carefully none the less.

Still rather downy, but the adult colouring starting to be obvious,

and darn cute..


adults are watchful 


never too far away 

tired out, time to rest

A happy ending for the little gosling that looked as if it had been abandoned.
Well I am happy to report that my cold is almost gone finally; it turned into a sinus and chest infection and decided to hang around a lot longer than I had planned. I believe I have had all of my 2.8 colds for this year.
Finally an update on what has been happening in my studio, well not much actually, but I did finish a painting this week. Not a new one but one I have been working on for a few weeks. It is the painting "Out to Pasture", I spent a few more hours on the truck and added some sheep, The logo on the side of the truck is an old Canadian Pacific emblem; thanks to Allan for spotting it and letting me know. This old truck is indeed out in the middle of a pasture on Gabriola Island; how it came to be there I have no idea.
Here is what the emblem looked like before it faded:
I am now working on a new painting, this is a scene from a small town northwest of Venice. I am using the pouring technique and this painting has two or three poured "layers" and will get at least as many more before I am done, I will show more next week.
That is all for this week, thanks for dropping by for my weekly bit of whimsy,
until next time, Gillian.