Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Attention seeking behavoir!

When I was out for a walk last week I heard a loud tapping noise. It took me some time but I finally spotted the source, a Flicker:

Why didn't I see it at first? Well here's what my eyes saw:
Then again through the camera:

Why is the woodpecker hammering on a vent? Well to attract attention of course, although it was not for my benefit, he was actually after a female flicker.

...and after tapping and watching....

...and tapping and watching...

..and, well you get the picture...

...who could resist? Well I think he must have spotted a female because...

...he started displaying his finery.

..what do you think?


..aren't I gorgeous...

...well this has got to impress the little woman...

...what are you waiting for?... it is, my best pose...
If this series was accompanied by music, what would it be; maybe O Sole Mio, or I'm looking for a hard headed woman or maybe a bit of bump and grind???  Maybe you have some ideas.
 It was the middle of the afternoon, but I have heard many stories of people being wakened very early in the morning to a loud tapping, coming from, you guessed it, a woodpecker, hammering on a light standard or on a piece of metal flashing.
One can be excused for thinking that they have mistaken it for food; no it is absolutely intentional and meant to attract as much attention as possible.
The Flicker version of friending on Facebook? If it were a personal ad it might go something like this:
Handsome SFM (Single Flicker Male), NS (non-smoker), ND (non-drinker) seeks female:
I am a tall (14"), good looking Red Shafted Flicker but I've been banging my head in frustration looking for my own true love. I love the outdoors and want someone to join me at my favorite restaurant in the forest (Rotten Log), to share a romantic meal, to sing a few duets and to watch the sun go down. My object is matrimony, I am seeking someone that is not afraid of commitment, to settle down with me, share my life and love nest and raise a family. No triflers please, tweet your particulars at #hollowlog.
Speaking of woodpeckers, do you remember the "Woody Woodpecker" laugh: 

"I'm looking for a hard headed woman" by Cat Stevens
OK enough of that foolishness! I did actually do some painting this week. It is a painting of daffodils, which my husband gets for me at the farmers market this time of year; so beautiful and so fragrant.
A watercolour that I call "Spring Blooms":
Details on this painting at
I got good news yesterday from my surgeon; the tumour (adrenal) he removed from me was benign and except for following up with a specialist to make sure my remaining adrenal function is sufficient I am finished with this health bump.
Thank you for stopping by, Happy Whimsy Wednesday, until next time...