Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Full of Colour and Promise

So many changes lately, longer days, warmer weather (mostly), grass, plants and weeds growing well and furious activity in the bird world.

The colours are a bit overwhelming but welcome. I went out for a walk recently and took a few pictures  (400-500 actually) and want to share some of them with you today.

First here is a recently fledged golden crowned sparrow, having difficulty perching on the fence in my backyard, and looking a little baffled.

 Now on the Camellia bush, which is blooming early this year.

 Now here is a sparrow on the hummingbird feeder; how does this work? Seems to be looking for advice.

So down at the park, this red wing blackbird was trying to move the pesky photographer away from its' nest.

A pair of golden crowned sparrows.

Flowering currant I think.

 A different red wing, same scenario:

This one got so close to me that I had to back up to focus!

A yellow-rumped warbler (thanks to T. for identification)

Female red wing, same motive as her more colourful mate.



Time to stop for a swing.

Not to be outdone by the natural colour around them, these shoes have something to say as well.

A house sparrow.

Beautiful tulips and hellebores:

And finally, a chickadee, having a drink of water and then staying for a short chat.

Another swing, well ........

Oh, that gives me an idea............

So I have been busy painting again this week, maybe inspired by Spring and the day, here is what I have for you this week:

It's called "Swing Shift" and it is a watercolour. For more information on this original follow this link to and for cards and prints (gallery tab - Teddies, Tigers and Toys collection.

Sorry to everyone that could not see the owl picture last week, I hope these are more successful. I hope you can see that they are well camouflaged. These were forwarded to me by my pal Judy.

Well all that remains is for me to wish you a very happy Whimsy Wednesday, thanks for dropping by, until next week .......