Wednesday, 28 May 2014

More Blues

The herons are still on and near the nest at Jericho Park.

Here is another series of pictures of the beautiful birds.

blue beauty


choosing a home



getting attention

great "do"


a little "soft shoe"

 and a shuffle


OK, pay attention, time for nest building 101

ahem, the action is this way

good, now this is how it's done
this looks like a "you're not serious" expression to me

time for a break  
maybe for you,

I've got first shift on the nest


ah, nothing like some peace and quiet
a bit of fishing
and solitary contemplation

I got a bit carried away with pictures this week, but this is only a smallish sampling of the ones I took.
Here is a beautiful time lapse of a rose blooming:

My painting this week follows the same theme as the post, a 20" X `14" watercolour painting of a Great Blue Heron called "Big Blue":
Thanks for stopping by, happy Whimsy Wednesday, until next time,



  1. Beautiful images of the Heron, but, your painting is the best, ciao Gillian.

  2. your painting is gorgeous! peaceful beauty.

    loved all your photos. they were really performing for you!

  3. A great series of photos. Of course the ones in the water with the reflections are very beautiful but the ones in the trees showing all the movement are different and so interesting.

  4. That last shot of the Heron reflection is breathtaking. The painting magnificent! I also enjoyed watching the rose bloom. Fantastic post!

  5. Lovely painting, Gillian and the video was a delight to watch. Wonderful post!!!

  6. FABulous captures! And your painting does beautiful justice to that graceful bird. I for one am glad that you "got carried away" with your heron observations.

  7. I love the shots of the heron and wonderful painting too.

  8. i just adore herons, i am forever chasing them. your images are just beautiful, lots of different angles and action!!

    your painting is just beautiful!!

  9. I think Herons are exciting birds to watch. They can be brutal enemies to other birds. Once I saw a heron eat a baby grackle.....there was no escape! Dinosaur birds:) I like that rose inspires to work out in the garden more:)

  10. Amazing photos of the Great Blue Heron ~ but your painting beats all! What talent you have!

  11. Oh my gosh, I've never really seen them do much more then hang around on the beach, so this was a treat.


  12. When ever I see herons I end up taking heaps of pictures! Even when they are just standing still!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne