Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Purple Perennial Plethora

Well perhaps predominately purple perennials. There are so many beautiful perennials in bloom at this time of year. Lilac (below) is one of my favorites and this dark purple one with white edges was the personification of perfumed perfection.


Rhododendrons and irises are also prominent in purple, plum and puce tones.

Spiderwort (below)  with pointed purple petals has a fluffy centre and yellow heart shaped anthers.

Columbines have always reminded me of English country gardens with their beautiful perennial borders.

Pretty purple petals

Lupins pop up in profusion in parks and private and public gardens, another perennial favorite of mine!

I am pleased but perplexed by this next flower, it reminds me a little of bee balm and also laitrus but I don't think it is either, perhaps I can a-peal to a plant person to provide this one with a proper name.

Thanks to Carol, the above identified as Hyssop.

Cornflowers above and below; pointy, playful pastel colours.

Cransbill Geranium:

This pinstriped purple and yellow iris is stunning against a poppy.

This poppy is just  left with its purple hat and scarf, after its petals have fallen.

The look of Columbine but?


A rose, or is it?

Pretty, petite but alas unknown to me.

At first I thought this feeder visitor was a Purple Finch to finish off my purple post, but I think he is more likely a House Finch.  



pigging out



 I hope you have enjoyed my alliterative purple posy post, just a portion of the purple petals I photographed.
New from my studio this week is a pink not purple offering that I have named "Triple Crown":
I used a new (to me) colour in this one called Opera - pinky mauve perfection.

It is a watercolour of course, for more information follow this link:

Thank you so much for stopping by, and a special thank you to all those who leave comments for me, I really appreciate hearing from you.

 Happy Whimsy Wednesday, until next time ..............


  1. you had me laughing with all your P prose. :) can't help with i.d. much, but the one you have as campanula looks very much like what we call evening primrose.

    really lovely bunch - i was already sold just on the lilacs. :)

  2. Gillian, What a stunning and hilarious article! Your watercolor is so lovely and captures the sensual character of a lush rose. The first flower of question that perplexes you is I believe a kind of hyssop . . . it reminds me of mine in any case . . . very aromatic leaves? Your Campanula makes me think of Wild Geranium. A lovely collection of purples and p's.

  3. Fantastic images, but, my favourite is the one that you painted, superb.

  4. Amazing series this week with all those beautiful purple blossoms - and then to color co-ordinate the bird as well - Wow! Beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous series in the flowers, birds and that watercolor is stunning!

  6. Stunning photos and of course a stunning watercolor...sigh.

    I loved opera pink.


  7. I love purple flowers. Such a wonderful variety of them you photographed. Also loved the bird shots and your art.

  8. Great pictures, didn't realize there was so many purple flowers this time of year. Our lilacs didn't last very long this year, the rain seems to have really stained them. As always enjoyed your post.

  9. Gill, your purple is perfectly pleasing! Such pizzazz!

  10. gorgeous, gorgeous and my favorite color ;))

    i think that may be a wild rose...

    your art is stunning, as always!!

  11. Hi Gillian! Wow, all lovely, lovely blooms! I think I have fallen in love with lilacs! Yours are SO pretty with the white interesting! I wish they lasted longer. Their scent is heavenly isn't it? Hope you're having a relaxing weekend!

  12. YOu LWays take such lovely photos Gillian. It looks like you must have a wonderful flower garden. Happy Spring!

  13. Your artwork is stunning! And I greatly enjoyed your lovely photos.

  14. Earth laughs in flowers.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    ...and I'm smiling too!

  15. Particularly pretty profusion!

  16. Your flowers are all so lovely. The Lilac is my favorite smell of all time. It makes me so happy. Pumpkin spice and evergreen needles are also favorite scents:)

  17. So many beautiful flowers. They had me smiling through your whole post.