Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Peanut Gallery

Peanuts have been very popular with the birds and critters at our place, so much so that I went out and got the large economy size bag.

First there is this handsome Stellar Jay. You may recall that he likes to check out all the peanuts in the tray before he chooses the "one" he wants.


Apparently he has made his choice and then show us his beautiful belly as he departs.

There are a number of squirrels, at least 3 different ones, that are also very fond of nuts; actually any kind of food will do for squirrels. There is one black one ...

and a couple of gray ones, one much larger than the other.

Then there is the crow, waiting patiently, not a squawker, he just hangs around and waits for peanuts or .......

He doesn't care where I put them, in the tray, on the lawn, or on this garden lantern; it's all OK with him.

He always eats the nuts, sometimes close by and sometimes flying away with them.
The Stellar Jay will eat the nuts first thing in the morning but most other times he hides them for later. I don't have a picture but last week I noticed him down on my lawn rearranging the fallen blossoms off my Camilla tree; later when I investigated there were nuts under one or two of the fallen blossoms.
The Jay also hides nuts in my planters, which explains the scenes below.

He digs and digs and digs getting quite filthy.

Occasionally he took a break and looked around, confused, where has it gone?

Then, has he found it?

Yes ...

and off he goes with his prize.

I had cleaned up that planter to put flowers in it, but maybe I'll just leave it, the squirrel show is quite funny!

On the topic of squirrels, I did get a painting finished this week, and yes it was of a squirrel. This is a watercolour that I have named "Do I Smell Peanuts?". It is inspired by a picture that my friend Judy took. Thanks Judy.

This one is sold already so no new post this week on my art blog.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by, I hope you have enjoyed my "peanut gallery".

Happy Whimsy Wednesday, until next week ..................



  1. That is a wonderful painting and all in all an entertaining post.

  2. oh, that watercolor is precious! and i was laughing at the dirty squirrel! too cute! LOVE the handsome stellar's jay!

  3. That Stellar Jay is stellar! What a beauty.

  4. Wow on the painting! Love your style. Love the Stellar shots!

  5. you know i LOVE to feed peanuts to my birds!!

    interesting stellar jay, i don't get those!!

    your art piece, as always, is exceptional!!

  6. Your painting is fabulous, and the rest of it as well.

  7. A great series of photos - and it recalled memories for me! I spent many hours watching Jays and Squirrels at my son's place in Seattle a few years back.Such fun!

  8. What lovely shots of your delightful visitors. And that artwork of yours is superb!

  9. The jay is handsome! Quite different from Blue Jays. The squirrels made me laugh! They're very determined. The artwork is fantastic!

  10. Peanuts are the food of Gods!!

    Nice series - and sorry about the flower beds!


    Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. Your photos have me smiling this morning.. I going to have to go get me a bag of peanuts.


  12. Great set of images! Love that squirrel stealing the Jay's prize. I'm not sure the Jay is pleased.

  13. Cute squirrels and beautiful Stellar jays! I love the painting and can see why it already sold!

  14. WOW! I love your painting of the squirrel. You captured the critter's character, that's for sure.

    We serve peanuts to our feathered friends too. Birds go "nutty" over them and that's fun to watch.

  15. Gosh Gillian, this is just what goes on at my house! Those blue jays love the peanuts we put out, then there's the crows and those darn squirrels that rummage up all the soil in my potted plants on the deck looking for peanuts! Fun to watch.