Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Raindrops on ..............

...well, just about everything lately.

I'm sure you remember the song "My Favorite Things" from "The Sound of Music"; here's the first verse:

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things."

There has been a lot of rain recently, rain drops clinging roses above to leaves below,

and cradled like tiny jewels.

The local pond. pictured below about 8 weeks ago, when the water was murky and water levels very low. There is a turtle, high and dry in the picture below (right hand side bottom corner).

After the recent rains the pond had filled up again, and after last weeks rain it is now over flowing in a few places.

The rains and high tides at this time of year also mean that Spanish Creek is full of water and the Coho salmon have returned to spawn.

Here is a link to a post that I did on the creek last year: Spanish Creek, a fish story . Sorry I don't have any new pictures of the creek.

But to get back to the theme raindrops on .... and whiskers ... sorry no kittens so how about rabbits...

Jericho beach park has a large colony of feral rabbits. It is a pity that people released their pet rabbits into the wild, but they now seem to be thriving, and have a faithful following of people who come and watch and/or feed them. 


...and squirrels ..........

This one near one of my back yard gargoyles,

and this one chewing on a horse chestnut.

Well that's about it for this week. Although I do have a painting to share. It is a poured painting that I did in a painting course recently. It is a scene from Spain showing the dramatic light.

This is scene from Italy, I don't think it's finished yet, but I'm calling it "Your table is Waiting". It is of a restaurant in a small square in a town in Umbria, Italy.

Thank you for dropping by, I apologize for not spending much time in blogland recently; sadly I haven't had much energy lately, not sure why.

Happy Whimsy Wednesday, until next week ......................


  1. Gillian, your roses are beautiful. And wonderful captures of the droplets. I love the bunnies, they are all so cute. Your paintings are gorgeous, what a great scene to recreate. Lovely post, have a great day!

  2. Plenty of rain here but gale force winds with it so no drops.
    What is a poured painting? I like it.

  3. as always, your paintings are beautiful!

    those rabbits are adorable, but sad that they were turned out. and now they'll multiply like, well...

    the drops on the leaves make everything seem so quiet and fragile. lovely!

  4. Lovely nature at your finger tips, and I do love your paintings, they are superb.

  5. Beautiful paintings! Love the rabbit shots.

  6. What a lovely series of shots. Adorable creatures, but those bejewelled raindrop shots are just gorgeous!

  7. Some bunny has to love those furry little guys...

    And the raindrops have brought out the beauty of the flowers.


  8. Beautiful photos of the raindrops. I especially like the ones with a drop at the end of a leave and about to - drop!

  9. You captured the rain drops and wildlife so well. I love both of your paintings.

  10. One good thing about rain (aside from the obvious) is how much it lends itself to beautiful photography. And your imagess are no exception.

    I love the sweet bunnies you have there. Each one so different in colouring .. much like a patchwork quilt.

    And who doesn't love squirrels? Well, a lot of people but I'm not one of them.

    Your art always blows me away. Such lovely work you do.

    And Gillian, your lack of energy, if persistent should be checked out. If you don't know why you're feeling poorly, that's good reason to find out.

  11. the raindrop images are so soft and beautiful!!

    i love when it rains...leaving behind it's lovely scent and magical jewel like drops!!

    your paintings are, as always, so pretty!!

  12. HI, I hope you are feeling more energentic soon, maybe it is time to up your Vitamin D for the winter gray days.
    I love your rain drop pictures, definitely puts the rain in a different light. It is a shame people abandon their rabbits like that, it looks like you got a great selection of pictures from them. Take care.

  13. Similar to screen printing but with a more detailed result. Thanks for the explanation.

  14. Ah, the black rabbit! Its clear none of the other rabbits have read Watership Down! Other wise they would be running away very fast!

    Nice set of pictures.

    Stewart M

    PS: if you have no idea what I'm talking about the Black Rabbit of Inle was the equivalent of the Grim Reaper.

  15. I like that Sound of Music song and Raindrops keep falling’ on my Head, too. Torrential rain is a trouble, but in general, rain revives nature. Rabbits and squirrels are so adorable and your paintings are beautiful as always.


  16. The raindrops on everything clearly didn't dampen your appreciation of beauty. Lovely shots of those wetly shining jewel-drops.

  17. All your bunny photos have me smiling they are so cute. And LOVE your paintings. They are beautiful.

    So sorry to hear you not feeling up to snuff. I hope you are feeling better soon..

    Now I got that song in my head.. But what a happy song it is.


  18. You don't have to say a word! I understand completely. I have been in the same boat about bloggerland. I've been not feeling up to it lately as there is so much to do at home, work and for the hobby. Love your shots of the rabbits....reminds me of Watership Down. Hazel. Fiver and gang:) Beautiful pics as always Gillian. Relax and enjoy life!

  19. Lovely photos, and of course your paintings are just beautiful. Is it not snowing in your part of Canada yet? From my two years in Ottawa, I always associate Canada with cold and snow!

  20. Your paintings are wonderful - you have so much talent. Love those bunnies. I wonder why people release their pets into the wild!

  21. Gillian, these images are just wonderful ! it is a pleasure to visit you !
    wish you a wonderful weekend

  22. Love your table is waiting painting! And I feel similar about blogland lately ... no energy.

  23. Gillian, I am always in awe of your artistic talent. Terrific paintings! I enjoyed the theme of this post, so very beautiful.

  24. Our rain has all but stopped here now, although this morning i woke up to snow. lol
    Quite a variety of rabbits there Gillian. A change from the grey/brown ones we get here.

  25. Gillian, I do hope you are feeling better. Love your watercolors that capture so beautifully the Italian feeling.