Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Black and White

I don't often see black flowers but these deep purple iris buds appear almost black. I saw them while out walking one evening and was so taken with them that I returned with my camera the next day.

In our neighbourhood there are gardens in the middle of traffic circles and in traffic calming bulges; I don't know who takes care of them, but I for one enjoy the beautiful displays and send my thanks.

The dark buds burst into deep purple blooms:




White flowers aren't rare but I will share a few favorites from my garden.
Peonies with little slashes of red:

This one looks like a face to me:

White roses:

White Foxglove:

From Roy Orbison`s "Black and White``:


I have been working on something black and white, it is an ink and watercolour work and not finished but here is a teaser:

The black part is ink and I am painting a few of the shells.

I am happy to say I am almost finished my triptych, I just have the varnishing and framing to complete. It has been a big project and one which I intend to include in a solo show in September, more about that later. I had to use my wide angle lens to get a picture, so without further ado here it is:
I am calling it "Village People", watercolour on paper (24" X 60").
Here is a little art video treat for you:

That's all for this week,
wishing you a happy Wednesday, with Whimsy,


  1. you have a wonderful garden Gillian and I enjoyed this post very much ! beautiful white flowers and a strange black one .

  2. Those deep purple Iris are absolutely magnificent. Thanks for sharing.