Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Just Flowers

This time of year is all about flowers. My painting "Pretty in Pink" is the Cover Award winner of the "Just Flowers" show on now, until April 30, at the Newton Cultural Centre. It is on the cover of the April "Spotlight on the Arts" magazine published by the Arts Council of Surrey.

Here I am with my painting at the opening reception:

I also received an orchid, here I am with Newton Cultural Centre curator Leah McCullough:

 and now as promised, just flowers:
apple blossoms

Bleeding Heart


Grape Hyacinth 
Oregon Grape


So what do you think I painted this week?
Well a flower of course, in fact, an Orchid:
I haven't decided whether it is finished or not and haven't decided where to sign it.
Hope you have enjoyed this just flowers post,
Happy Wednesday, with whimsy,


  1. Congratulations!! I saw your picture the other night and it really does look super!!