Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Lots of pairs in the park. This pair of chickadees was working on a nest.

First one

... and then off it flew to be replaced by the other...

of the pair. I tried unsuccessfully to get them both in one picture.

Next there were pairs of crows.

This pair were grooming each other.

This pair of Mallards was taking turns keeping watch, here she is dosing.

Then she wakes, and stretches ...

and he nods off.

Flower pairs:

And I couldn't resist taking pictures of shells on the high tide line, not exactly pairs.

Now here we have a pair of pears. Why you ask? 

Well I have been working on another set of recipe cards; watercolour paintings on cards, and each card contains a recipe card for the pictured ingredient.
So there you have it a pair of pears:
A pair of pears to pare.

Imagine the tongue twisting verse that could result ;^)

Here are some new paintings.
Two watercolours; first a Lily
and one of Gooseneck Barnacles.
And finally here is an ink and watercolour for a new food themed card:
These cards are 5" x 5" and include a recipe insert that features the pictured ingredient. What is the recipe for the walnuts ... you will have to go to my card website, PS Whimsy, and have a look. (Hint it is under the Food Icon and is the first of the Series 2 recipes).

Until next time...

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post.
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happy Whimsy Wednesday,


  1. Hello Gillian, lovely collection of birds and images.. I love the cute chickadees.. Your watercolors are beautiful. Have a happy day!

  2. I enjoyed seeing all the birds. We have seen a lot of birds in recent weeks. No robins on our farm yet but we have heard the frogs croaking. Your paintings are always done in such fine detail. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  3. I got wrapped up by all your pair examples. But I have to say the pears pared on the towel in the sunlight look as yummy as your fine works of art.

  4. very impressive art, as always!

  5. Your artwork are precious Gillian.

  6. Your shots are just adorable!

  7. Clever!!! Pear vs Pair:) I hope the birds make lots of little birdies! And hopefully the crows won't eat the Chickadee babies...because they can and will. Your art is have a gift!

  8. You draw incredibly well! Love your hmour too!

  9. you are so talented!! your cards are awesome (i just ordered some) and wonderful duos today!!!

  10. Awesome paintings especially that last one.

  11. Great Pictures and I love your food card. I looked on your site but couldn't find the other food cards.