Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Sometimes I wonder!

Today I was on my way back from visiting my mother, a one hour trip in rush hour, when I saw something unbelievable. I was on the highway travelling north west after just coming over the Alex Fraser Bridge and was heading into Richmond; I only give the details in case anyone else witnessed the same event. At that point there are 4 lanes of traffic in each direction (highway speed), I noticed people swerving ahead, and to my amazement there is a mother duck and at least 6 ducklings half way across the four lanes of traffic. There is a small median and then four more lanes going the other direction. You just know this can't end well. They were not yet in my lane but I hope I would not have endangered other motorists lives had they been.

I have heard of the Darwin Awards for behavior of people not conducive to the continuation of human lineage, but I thought animals had more sense!
From the Darwin Awards site: "Named in honor of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, the Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it."

Here is a 2014 Darwin Awards story about traffic.

Anyway I got home in one piece, thank goodness, and I don't want to know what happened.

Here are a few pictures I took a couple of weeks ago, first a few more Great Blue Herons taken at the heronry in Stanley Park.

Herons are magnificent in flight.

Then pictures from a walk around the Stanley Park seawall to Siwash Rock, beautiful skies but there was a cold wind.
A view out over English bay with the ever present freighters.


Love the whimsy of this:
I thought it was just a bit cold for this, but each to his own. On a cool day with the water even colder a good sense of balance is essential for this kind of activity.

Siwash Rock seen from the south first and then after passing it looking west. 


The Canada Geese here seem to have found some exclusive waterfront property!

A Mallard and ... 
Wood Ducks enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

I end with these beautiful Magnolia buds.
I guess I must be dreaming of warmer weather because this was what I painted this week.
It is a watercolour and I called it "Ready for Action":
Until next time...

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post.
Thanks for stopping by,
happy Whimsy Wednesday,


  1. Gosh, the image in my mind about the mother duck and her babies. What was she thinking of crossing the highway like that. I only hope nothing bad happened to them. I adore your painting, beautifully done. And great shots around the seawall. It has been years since I last walked around there.

  2. A wonderful post Gillian and your images are fantastic... I would love to have your talent for painting.

    Sorry I haven't commented for a while... big changes in my life at the moment. Nothing serious by the way xx

  3. gorgeous images today, i LOVE the ducks!!! i can't tell you how many times i have stopped to help ducks cross a highway, but only when it is safe to do so, definately not in your situation. i don't want to know what happened either!!!

  4. ohhhh and i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that painting!!!!!

  5. I very much like your "Ready For Action", Gillian! For sure anyone living in Ontario and further east are READY too. :)

    Scary about the duck, especially since a few years go someone in Quebec DID stop for some duck and caused a fatal accident. You'd have to think fast and know when it was too dangerous to stop for the ducks. I'm glad you didn't have to make that decision. :)

  6. A beautiful series of the birds, so good. And, the painting, it is a superb.

  7. Great pictures around the sea wall, you certainly had a wonderful day for your walk. I love your painting as well.

  8. Every time I see a Heron up here, my heart turns over, it's rare to have standing water up here, except for the lakes, so they are a real joy.


  9. So many wonderful photos.. And your Painting looks amazing. Love your work..


  10. A lovely series of shots. I really like the heron photos as well as your gorgeous painting.