Wednesday, 20 August 2014

White Out?

I have been away for a while, a bit of vacation here and there and a lot of painting. I had an art show open yesterday, and wanted to show new works, I finally got enough finished on the weekend. I don't like to leave things to the last minute, but sometimes things just get away from me.

The summer here has been good, lots of sun and the occasional rain to nourish the garden producing an abundant supply of fruit and veggies.

I thought I would follow a white theme today to lead into ... well you'll see that later.

The yucca and the liatris flowers were seen on my travels but the rest are from my garden.

The summer whites are dazzling...





hen and chickens


A long time ago I had a white cat and he would have nothing to do with a leash, this one did not seem pleased by the idea either.

Lilies are beautiful when they first open, they remind me of a freshly starched shirt.

The summer nights are long, I loved the white-out effect of these next pictures shot at the beach earlier this summer.

..a single shasta daisy...

But what I was really getting to was...

I am now quite white, (haired that is)
 don't know quite when that happened,
 but I thought it was time to update my profile picture.
I mentioned earlier that I have been busy painting, here is a link to a preview of my show featuring paintings from the Veneto region of Italy (imagine a triangle with a base of Venice on the east and Verona on the west pointing up into the Dolomites).
So here are two paintings, both are watercolours, both are of windows:
"Veneto Window"
"Hanging out in Venice"
Thank you so much for dropping by and thank you for all the wonderful comments you have been sending my way.
Until next time, Gillian


  1. your paintings are just gorgeous! love the light and color! and i love your white hair!!! mine is steadily turning silver and i like it. :)

    love your lilies. they're wonderful.

  2. Gorgeous paintings, Gillian! Lovely images of the white theme and the white hair suits you. Nice shot of you.

  3. Clever way to introduce your new look, Gillian. I agree with Stephanie that white suits you.

  4. I love white hair. I have it growing all over my face and I'm enjoying it all:) Gorgeous paintings and I love those tiny little flowers. Perfectly captured. White is your color:)

  5. An excellent post. The flowers are very crisp.
    I too must update my avatar. I'm unrecognisable.

  6. pretty images and your artwork is just gorgeous!!

    white hair, the reward of living a long life!!!

  7. What a fun post.. all things white. Your flowers are quite lovely and so are you. And as always, your art blows me away.