Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Forest Spirits?

Today I hope you will join me for a walk through the forest on Ferry Island.

Ferry Island is located on the Skeena River in Terrace, B. C. At the beginning of the 20th Century it was serviced by two riverboat ferries until a bridge was built connecting it to the mainland; following that the island was heavily logged. In 1936 the Skeena River flooded, took out the bridge and covered the island in 8 feet of water. Following the flood the island was left to grow back and now boasts beautiful stands of birch and cottonwood trees.

Now the island has a campground and walking and hiking trails. The trails have a unique treat in the form of carvings in the bark of some of the cottonwood trees. The carvings were done by a local artist, Rick Goyette.

So lets take a stroll.



There are wizards and woodsmen and birds....

..and this rather unique bench...



I imagined I saw some other creatures in the playing in the light and shadow of the forest.

I loved this burl and thought this one would make a great face.

..more carvings..

I imaged a number of different faces in this next one, another of nature's creations.



A beautiful walk, especially on a sunny day.

A bumblebee enjoying the wild roses.


Someone told me this week that the average person gets 2.8 colds a year. If that's so I have gotten one of mine out of the way for this year. You know colds, if you leave them they last about a week and if you treat them they are gone in 7 days -- well that is where my week went!
So you know it didn't get any painting done, I hope to get back to it soon.
Instead her is something passed along to me by my pal Judy, an osprey nest webcam with 3 chicks.
Well that is all for this week, thanks for dropping by, happy Wednesday, with whimsy,


  1. well, certainly glad you treated your cold and got that out of the way quickly. :)

    the carvings are a unique way to mark the trails. i liked that bench.

  2. What lovely carvings -- so cheery!

  3. Brilliant carvings, it knows well that I mean outstanding. Lovely jubley.

  4. I loved seeing these whimsical wood carvings in the trees and benches. Glad to hear you are over your cold.

  5. What a wondrous place. I really enjoyed the faces.

  6. I really like this magical trail!! The carving are so interesting and creative!!

  7. I just love these carvings! What fun it would be to walk through these woods! I do hope you are feeling better now! Thanks for the stroll!

  8. I'd be looking back to see if they were looking back at me...

    What an enchanting walk :)

    Hope you are feeling sprightly once again, now that your cold has gone ;)...wouldn't want the forest to pick up cold germs... imagine all those treeses with the sneezes!

  9. I love the forest spirits. This type of art always moves me.

  10. Wonderful forest spirits! I enjoyed our stroll.

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  12. First, I hope your cold is just about gone by now and that you get back to painting this week. We do love your art :) Second, I think you may have known that I taught in Fraser Lake for a year. We did a band trip in May (1999, I think) to Terrace and found a little time to walk along some of the forest trails. You have really brought out the beauty of that part of Canada with those photographs. Those spirits really are incredible and I, too, thought I saw some nature-made ones in that 10th photograph.

  13. What a wonderful way to spend the later hours of Canada Day.. enjoying one of your posts. I love the carvings.. creativity and whimsy abounds there. Glad your cold is in the past. Happy Canada Day, eh?