Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Go away we're busy!

This time of year when I go out on my usual walk I am not welcomed in the woods or at the pond. It is nesting season and I am buzzed by the hummingbirds, hissed at by the geese, dive bombed and heckled by the redwing blackbirds and the wrens just plain ignored others.

This Canada Goose had just finished hissing when I took this picture.

..and here is a goose doing its best Ogopogo impression while chasing away the ducks. you can see the ducks beating a hasty retreat.

The heron is concentrating on a meal and has no time to glance around to have its picture taken.

...and looks as if it was successful and in mid swallow in this next picture.

The turtles are busy warming up in the afternoon sunshine and not at all interested in passersby but watchful in case anyone/thing gets too close.

 ...and the redwing blackbirds are on alert as soon as I approach, she...


Scolding here:

..daring me to get close here.... 


This male marched right up to within a coupe of feet away. 

Once I moved away it perched in a tree just daring me to try again. 

I am not taking it personally because it isn't just me that is not welcome, every one and his dog (especially the dogs) aren't welcome either.
Lots of bird song and lots of activity, a favourite time for me.
I saw "The Good Lovelies" live recently, what a great show. Here is one of my favourite songs from the concert, "The Best of Me":
And a painting, this week a painting of a rabbit inspired by last week's post; it is a watercolour called "Hoppy?"
Thank you for stopping by, Happy Whimsy Wednesday, until next time...


  1. The Canada Geese, Blackbirds, the Heron and your painting of a happy rabbit, and the song was well performed, thanks Gillian.

  2. sweet bunny painting! :)

    love all the territorial critters.

  3. Hehe:) Sounds like a very interactive walk around the area:) I don't mind being buzzed by hummingbirds....but hissed at by geese....well that's something different:)

  4. It's fun to read your perspective on some of the same events happening over here in Yaletown (minus the Redwings and the bunnies). You make me realize it's time for a visit to your neck of the woods. Love your rabbit watercolour!! Listening to the gentle tones of The Good Lovelies as i write. Very pleasant!

  5. Beautiful shots but the rabbit is the show stealer for me.

  6. Wonderful shots and painting. I have trouble walking around my yard this time of the year because so many birds nest in my overgrown areas.

  7. Beauty all around.. at the end of your lens and the tip of your paintbrush. Spring is looking good!

  8. A wonderful post Gillian...
    Apologies for not commenting(for ages)but life has been a bit hectic for a few months.
    Hope all's well with you and yours
    Hugs Andrew xx

  9. beautiful painting. What are the sizes of your paintings you do? Just curious. Nice music. I have never heard of the them.

  10. Nice to see the colors in the Heron's feathers...yes the birds are busy building families aren't they?


  11. It is a fun time to be out walking.Lots of things to see. I know I have seen numerous eagles being chased about by flocks of smaller birds as they try to raid the nests.
    Love your rabbit, certainly keeps us in the Spring mode.

  12. Thank you for taking us on this walk. I enjoy seeing the world through your eyes, Gillian.

  13. love, love, love those redwings, mine never get close enough to the house so i can get a good picture!!

  14. ...a lovely blend of birds on this post Gillian and I think your art is amazing...

  15. Birds certainly do have other things on their minds these days, and being interrupted is not something they like, for sure. Lovely photos though, even if they are giving you the cold shoulder ;) Your art is amazing ~ such detail, with a softness to it as well!