Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Gold Rush

A few days ago when I returned home there was quite a chorus of birdsong coming from next door. Not a song and a reply, but a great confusion of song, dozens of birds singing at once.

I watched and listened for some time but still wasn't sure what kind of birds they were.

I went inside for a while and then noticed quite a number of birds fly onto my feeders. A different crowd than I normally see ... and then more and more. So I got the camera.

Pine Siskins! Baby Pine Siskins at that, at least two dozen of them; on the feeders and the ground under the feeders, on the fence and in the trees. At first I thought they were Goldfinches but early readers set me straight.

This chickadee was in the minority for once.

They foraged in the grass under the feeders.

Some of them seemed a little confused, standing on top and hanging underneath the feeder.

This sparrow does not look pleased with all the unexpected company.

Such a cutie, and looking a bit younger than some of the others.

This little one curled up on the feeder and

Nodded right off ..........

Sorry here's a second picture ...

So much activity around the feeders, obviously more than one brood.

They have been around for a few days now and are growing quickly. I only saw the adults once at the very beginning, maybe they have gone off by themselves for a rest.

I have been trying to keep the feeders stocked.

That's my birdie offering for this week.

I did get some painting done though, another seashore painting called "Beach Buddies".

A watercolour of course, for more information follow this link:

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Thank you so much for stopping by, and a special thank you to all those who leave comments for me, I really appreciate hearing from you.

 Happy Whimsy Wednesday, until next time ..............


  1. How cool! I've never seen baby finches. That's quite the flock! Your chickadee shot is fabulous!

  2. Cool, love seeing these huge flocks of birds. People have been seeing big flocks of Pine Siskins at their feeders lately, they must be on the move. Wonderful photos!

  3. It would be difficult to better a homecoming like this. I love dozy.

  4. you've got yourself pine siskins. they're so cute!

  5. What a lovely surprise and full of cute siskins to top it all off:) The one falling asleep at the feeders is precious. It's always so much fun to see who comes to the various feeders around the world:)

  6. Great photos and wonderful to have such a crowd of young birds at your feeders. The little one that has fallen asleep is so cute.

  7. Well, you have a Siskin or two, three, four, five.................Cheers Gillian, oh, I didn't forget, beautiful painting.

  8. Great series of shots of the birds. Love your recent paint.

  9. I am really enjoying your birdie shots. I put my feeder out here at the campground but no visitors yet. :(

    Happy Wednesday!


  10. How interesting that pine siskins have arrived in your neighbourhood. A couple of years ago they arrived in mine and they did hang around with goldfinches so they may be related. :)

  11. Great shots of the visiting birds. I love your painting. I can almost taste the sea air looking at it and imagine the castle the buddies will build.

  12. The bids know where to come for a good feed which in turn provides good entertainment for you!

  13. You do have a lot of activity going on at your feeder Gillian. Love the reflection and shore with shells in your painting. Happy May! Carol

  14. Seems all are in a feeding frenzy. Guess getting ready to hatch young ones!

  15. Oh what a treat, they are so cute, and Mom, and Dad trust you enough to bring them by.

    I wonder if we will get some here.


  16. I love when the feeders are full of birds and the air is full of song!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  17. Great pictures of the siskins, they have taken over our feeder a lot this spring as well. I love your painting, too. Nice work.

  18. You must spend hours watching the bird feeders. I am always amazed by your wonderful photos of birds! Hope that yu're enjoying the warm coastal weather!