Wednesday, 9 January 2013


A new year and new beginnings. Resolutions made that might be starting to look unattainable, one of mine has to do with getting back to swimming regularly. I used to swim faithfully three times a week but then .... so far I have been once this week (it's a start). 

The daylight is increasing a bit every day, that is a good thing. I am still having trouble with the lack of light and sunshine (low energy level); I wonder whether the lack of sunlight hit me harder this year because after my cataract surgery  (last spring) I got used to having much more light ... and now we are in the dark days.

There is usually a lot of dark, wet weather here this time of year. Today for instance both the paper and the weather man on the radio predicted light rain and it has been pelting down all day, with snow at higher elevations. 

But enough of that, a few days ago the day started cold and clear and I was out early with camera in hand and here is what I found in my garden:

These little frost covered birds on a small ornament were catching the first rays of sun.

The remains of a late flowering rose.

Sage, mint and parsley adorned with frost.


The spent flower heads first and then my Hen and Chickens Cactus or should I say Cacti.

Frozen fruit and vegetables; chard first and then strawberry plant.

Oregon Grape, Azalea, and Rhododendron:

The last few leaves still cling to the maple tree.

There were a few feathered friends enjoying the bounty at the feeders and not terribly bothered by my presence.

A dark eyed Junco.


A sparrow, a Song Sparrow I think.

A bright eyed Bushtit on the suet feeder.

Black capped chickadee

And lastly one of our garden ornaments, a gargoyle named Alabar, in rear and front views.

I have to admit that after the busy time in mid to late December I seem to have been in a hibernation phase as far as getting anything accomplished in the studio. But I do have a picture to share with you; it is a picture of one of the small towns in the Cinque Terre in the Liguira region of Italy. A watercolour titled "A walk on the Cinque Terre" that I painted for my husband.

More details on this painting at GillianOlsonArt 

Thanks for dropping by, with a special thank you to those that leave comments for me, good luck with your resolutions, Happy Whimsy Wednesday, until next week ..............


  1. Beautiful! The frost is really nice! Love your birds, too!

  2. All the frost covered plants in your garden look beautiful - but I wonder how many of them will survive to grow again next year? I love the birds - especially the Chickadee.

  3. beautiful images of frost and birds !
    I truly love your painting

  4. nice watercolor! i like your sweet birds and all of the frost-tinged plants. :)

  5. Wonderful photos of the frost and birds, Gillian!

  6. Lots of frozen plants, they are brilliant. And the Gargoyle, wow, I could cuddle him. Beautiful painting.

  7. I love your painting. The frost is so lovely and great shots of the birds.

  8. Beautiful winter shots- and the Cinque Terre watercolor is delightful.

  9. awesome birdies!!

    the frost really has made everything look magical!!

  10. Oh I've been to Cinque Terre!!! Love the painting. I remember living in an area that has little light this time of year. So many times I didn't want to wake up in the morning. I had that seasonal depression disorder...once I move away, life got fun again...all year round:) They say there is a light that can help out with this....but I find the sun cannot be replaced. Wonderful frosty shots. Happy New Year!!!

  11. It looks so cold! Does the chard survive being frosted?
    At least your days are beginning to lengthen.

  12. Your art is simply wonderful to be able to put to paper what you envision in your head.

    I loved the frosty shots, especially the chard.


  13. Love your Cinque Terre painting. We visited the area several years ago. You've captured it beautifully!

  14. Lovely images you show today, love the frosted tips on the leaves, the birds are awesome and this painting is gorgeous, love the colors you used in this one and lots of details.

  15. What deliciously frosted shots - so beautiful!

    I hear you about the lack of light and low energy levels, but at least the days are getting lighter and lighter now.

  16. Hi there - too much heat here, too many fires! We could do with some frost.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne.

  17. Hi, I loved the frosty pictures: A different view of life. One we don't often get here.
    Your husband is quite lucky, he is getting a great picture.

  18. Looks a bit chilly out your way. I really enjoyed seeing all the plants with a bit of frost on them. And all your bird photos look wonderful. They are all so cute.

    Your painting looks amazing. I really do enjoy seeing all your Art. You are so talented..


  19. There's nothing much better than frosty pictures. These are lovely Gillian.

    We've had a few flurries of snow this morning. I'll be glad when spring arrives lol

  20. Beautiful silver-rimed images of your frosted garden.

  21. Love your frosty pics...... That chickadee is awesome!

  22. I love the frosty foliage and the sweet little birds but Gillian, I'm always in awe of your beautiful artwork. You're a very talented lady.

  23. Beautiful! I love seeing all the frost here! It's so different from when I lived in the desert. Still enjoying my move to Seattle so much! Your painting is beautiful...have you ever considered making a video of you while you paint? I like watching those!