Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Oh ... doe, ray, me

First I would like to apologize, I have not been doing much blog visiting recently because I have been painting. I have a solo show and a group show coming up in September and have been rather busy getting ready for them.

Today, I have a few more pictures to share with you from our trips to the Gulf Islands and the Okanagan.

Doe, a deer, a female deer (with fawns of course).

First more pictures of deer from our visit with friends on the Gulf Islands. We were sitting outside talking to our friends when a doe and her two fawns appeared; they slowly worked their way around the house as they grazed on salal and other bushes. They were cautious at first but seemed to realize that we were not a threat.

The deer on the Gulf Islands are black tail deer. They appear smaller than the deer on the mainland, perhaps because of their long isolation on the islands. 

The deer population  on the islands has grown; there are few predators and hunting is not permitted.
Some biologists think that the deer populations on the Gulf Islands have increased to the point where they now threaten the delicate ecosystem. This review looks at the situation and recommends looking at ways of controlling the deer population. (News link) Island residents say that the deer no longer shy away from contact with people and there are some reports of aggressive behavior by deer.

All very controversial I am afraid; all I know is that they are handsome beasts and caused no trouble during our visit.

Ray, a drop of golden sun.

Actually a perfect day, the sun shone brightly, the temperature was perfect for a walk. This bee was busy on the thistles.

 The petunias and lobelia were at a small nursery on the island. The orange flower was wild at the side of the road, sorry can't remember what it's called.

A pillow of thistle down:

These ponies were taking advantage of the shade along side the road, or maybe the grass is just greener on the other side of the fence.

 We walked through a meadow and them up this pathway into the sunshine.

In the meadow we found this skeleton, of a small deer I think, that had been bleached by the sun.

Salal berries

Me, well....

While we were visiting in the South Okanagan we visited a winery that had pygmy goats. I got some good pictures of them, but my friend Judy got these pictures of me. This little white goat loved having his head scratched.

In fact he also liked to chew, on my shirt, on my blouse and my camera strap. Below I have just noticed that someone is taking my picture.

This goat is fully grown, but as you can see he is not very big, but very cute.

Afterwards he reached up and licked my face.

I was telling you at the beginning that I had been busy painting this week. I finished this watercolour painting, inspired by one of the pictures I took on our recent trip to France. It is another poured painting.

It is 12.5" X 18.5", which is larger than I can scan, so I have taken a picture of it; not a great photograph I'm afraid, and not quite straight either, but I hope you get the idea. I think I might call it "Window on the World".

Well that is all for this week, thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit.

Happy Whimsy Wednesday, until next week ..............


  1. Delightful post Gillian. I'd not heard of pygmy goats - friendly little creatures! Maybe you should update your profile photo - I like your straight hair.

    Your painting is wonderful, I look forward to seeing your paintings.

  2. I love your window on the world painting. The shots of you with the goats are great. I am very fond of deers and enjoyed those shots. I know they can become over populated but I think they are such beautiful animals. Wonderful sequence of shots.

  3. A great post. A lovely little chap is the goat.
    Deer can be both aggressive and do a lot of damage. I love to see them but accept management....I favour shooting them but not hunting...hunting brings the worst dregs of society out into the countryside.

  4. All the beauty of the post, and then the painting at the end. Stunning.


    There I can't find the words.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. Very clever theme running through these photos! I hope you are not too stressed out about your solo show and that all goes well.

  6. OMG shooting you with the goats was SOOO much fun !

  7. the deer are beautiful! so are you! nice to see pics of you. that pygmy goat is adorable!!! i can only imagine your art show. you have SO much talent!!!

  8. A great series of photos again and such cute creatures - especially the little goat. Your painting of the window is beautiful and I hope both the solo and group shows go very well.

  9. Brilliant the pictures of the Deer, and the little goat. It must have been a beautiful holiday. And, the last, it is magnificent.

  10. i am so happy that you are painting, my blogging has been getting in the way of my "creative" arts and crafts!!

    the deer images are awesome, love those baby spots!!

    nice to "see" you!!

  11. Oh, the miniature goat is adorable and the interaction between the both of you is wonderful. Also, your title for the painting seems so appropriate, especially with what I think are little prayer flags in front of the window!

  12. I smiled at your little goat pictures. Very very cute. Such beautiful pictures of the deer. I smile at the idea of a deer being aggressive with humans. But in my birthstate of Wisconsin, the deer populations have to be controlled or they will explode(which they have already) and cause danger on the roadways etc. Looks like all of it was fun...and your painting is as always beautiful. Happy Wednesday!

  13. Oh those goats are sooo cute, the one chewing on your blouse. Deers are beautiful creatures, we are blessed to be visited by them on a daily basis on the front lawn. Your painting is gorgeous. I have not painted much this summer, hopefully get back into it starting next month. I enjoyed viewing all your photos and post this time around.

  14. I hope deer and humans can coexist like in Nara. It’s nice to see lovely photos of you and your interaction with such a cute goat. I like your “Window on the world”, which can be icon of us bloggers as our blog is really a window on the world. Relax and enjoy painting.


  15. Gillian, congrats on your show, it must be very exciting for you. I love your paintings. And this post is awesome, the deer are so cute. And the Goats are just adorable. Lovely photos from your trip, thanks for sharing. I hope you have a lovely day.

  16. Wonderful shots and good luck with your show. Love that painting.

  17. Oh my Gosh!! How cute is the Pygmy Goat and you!
    He really is interested in you......... how very nice!

    Your Window of the World painting is absolutely amazing!

    Thanks Gillian for your always enjoyable Blog.......... I enjoyed my visit very much.

    see you Friday

  18. Thanks for stopping and commenting on my blog.

    I really liked the photos of the little goat.

  19. the fawns are so cute. Thanks for sharing them. Goats are cute too but I´m allergic to tehm. :)

  20. Oh Gillian, these creatures are adorable. The fawns and that little goat just melt my heart. The pygmy goat is smaller than Benny. So cute!

    Good luck with your show. If the painting below, and the many beauties I've seen before it are any indication, I know you'll do great! And of course, no need to apologize.

  21. Those deer look beautiful and so do all the flowers. But I really love seeing the photos of you with the goats. So sweet..

    Your painting is AMAZING. I truly am in awe every time I stop in here and see them. Good luck with your Show.


  22. Love the deer, the pictures of you, your painting, and the title of the post. Just perfect!

  23. Those deer are beautiful Gillian.
    You certainly made a friend with that little goat lol

    Good luck with your show.

  24. Gillian,
    Sad to say, we have same problems in Nara. About 1100 wild deer live in Nara Park close to train stations, roads, residential areas, shopping centers, temples and shrines.
    They have been protected as divine messengers to Kasuga God. Some biologists or botanists say the deer are overpopulated and eat all precious plants as no predators, but I think the worst predators are human being and especially cars and inappropriate food given by visitors. Some aggressive behaviors by deer also have been reported. But this is not deer's fault. All they do is for getting deer crackers. If they get the crackers when they bow, next time they bow to get the crackers. But when they are aggressive, people give the crackers. The deer get aggressive next time. For them there is no difference between aggressive behaviors and polite bowing. The deer are learning how to get food from people.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this.

    Love your art "Window on the World".
    May trough all windows on the world, the wind of wisdom blows in and spread to make the earth where all beings thrive together in harmony and peace.

    I hope to see the cute goat someday!

    Sorry I missed this post.
    Have a wonderful week!


  25. Oh, that little doe is so sweet, and I love the photos of you with the goat...too cute!

  26. Beautiful series... love the scenes with the cute goat and deer. Horse whiskers detail and seedlings share fine detail. Nice comparison!

  27. Great pictures, the deer shorts are wonderful. We have been to the island many times and it is always nice to see nature in action. Lovely colours in your painting.

  28. This is such a cute post! Seems like goats like to chew on anything - leaves, paper, clothes.